Press Release

Trondheim, Norway      June 18, 2021

Abu Dhabi, UAE            June 18, 2021


Wireless Instrumentation Systems (WINS) is pleased to announce it has signed a contract with Euro Mechanical for representation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The deal will provide a local platform of in-country support for the installation and performance monitoring of WINS’ downhole wireless telemetry and energy harvesting products.


The first product to be installed in the UAE will be the Wimo Wireless Monitoring Downhole Gauge.  Wimo measures downhole pressure and temperature, but the turbine-generator also harvests power, creates pressure-pulse telemetry, and measures the mass flow rate of the produced fluid.  Atle Hjertenæs, CEO of WINS said, “it is a very compact way to design a wireless tool.  Other wireless gauges require 25 feet of batteries or multiple tools to relay weak wireless signals.  Wimo harnesses the power in the well, requiring only one 30 inch long device to create considerably larger wireless signals.”


Wimo can be attached to a lock mandrel, installed through-tubing, and landed in a nipple profile.  If no profile is available, Wimo can be attached to several different manufacturer’s service tools and landed anywhere in the tubing string.  “Downhole flow rate measurement in a downhole pressure and temperature gauge is a game-changing feature,” says Brett Bouldin, WINS’ Marketing Director.  “Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) can now be performed using only drawdowns.  Well shut-in is no longer required and better reservoir characterization is the result.”


Ahmed Jasser, Chief Business Officer of Euro Mechanical commented, “We are delighted to add WINS and their game-changing technologies to our portfolio of product offerings.  We will strengthen their presence and make WINS a success in the UAE.


About WINS

Wireless Instrumentation Systems was founded in 2009 by Atle Hjertenæs to develop downhole wireless telemetry and energy harvesting technologies.  Its main office in Trondheim, Norway has grown to 18 employees with three facilities covering engineering and administration, an electro-mechanical lab, and a multiphase flow lab.  WINS is pursuing several other applications besides Wimo to commercialize its technology in the upstream oil and gas sector.

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About Euro Mechanical

Euro Mechanical has supported the growth of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector for more than 40 years.  We provide construction and maintenance services, advanced technologies, fabrication, bolting and machining, NDT and testing machines, manpower services, and are proud to have developed a reputation synonymous with world-class professional services, responsiveness, collaboration, and client assistance.  Over the years, Euro Mechanical has shaped a business philosophy where partnerships, service quality, consistency, and above all customer satisfaction are paramount.

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