Press Release – December 22, 2022 (satire)

This is Brett Bouldin, Marketing Director for WINS.  I am in snowy Trondheim, Norway to give everyone a peek at Atle’s Workshop.  I missed seeing Atle Hjertenaes, WINS CEO because he was busy preparing his sleigh for the big ride on December 24th.  But I did catch two of Atle’s little helpers just long enough to snap this picture.  Andre Fellinghaug Elf, CTO (silver hair) was holding the latest Wimo Wireless Monitoring Downhole Gauge while Stian Marius Hansen Elf, R&D Director (red and white cap) leaned on the WiACS Wireless Autonomous Communication Station.  “We have been very busy this year,” said Andre Elf, “so much building, testing, and improving our downhole products, plus the orders are stacking up.  We will need an assembly line next year!”  Stian Elf said, “yes, we already got a bigger workshop.  Just look at our beautiful flow loops, plus we have two more!  I can’t wait to start working on Next Year!”  I had to admit it was all very magical.  This is Brett Bouldin, signing off from Trondheim and wishing everyone Seasons Greetings to all, and to all a good night.