Today WINS appointed Brett Bouldin its new Director of Marketing and Business Development, based in Houston.  “This is an exciting time for WINS,” said Chairman and CEO Atle Hjertenæs. “We are transitioning from an engineering company into a manufacturing and service company.  Brett has skills in completion tools development, entrepreneurship, and major operator applications.  This also marks our expansion into the Western Hemisphere and Brett will lead WINS in that area.”  Brett worked for 11 years at Baker Oil tools developing completions products, then for 16 years as co-Founder and R&D Manager for Intelligent Completions startup PES, Inc., which subsequently became WellDynamics and then Halliburton.  Finally, Brett worked for ten years at Saudi Aramco Expec ARC (Upstream Research) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia managing their Advanced Completions development projects and implementations.  Brett remarked, “I enjoyed working with WINS while at Saudi Aramco.  Over several years they presented unique solutions for difficult Production and Drilling challenges and are pursuing two major development projects.  I am excited about their core expertise in downhole wireless telemetry and power harvesting, which has many untapped oilfield applications.  I look forward to assist WINS to commercialize their skills into practical tools for the oil patch.”