Wireless Instrumentation Systems AS wants to hookup different manufacturers wellhead and downhole sensors and communicate in real time, securely to your desktop.  “In order to become truly digital, live well data is key,” says André Fellinghaug, CTO of WINS.  “Our WiACS system can be used in remote areas, offshore, or any place existing infrastructure is not operating.”  Brett Bouldin, Director of Marketing commented, “WiACS is a flexible system, compatible with many different manufacturers sensors.  If a system has not yet been interfaced, we will build a new one.”  WINS’ CEO Atle Hjertenæs proudly said, “We see WiACS as an industry enabler for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in the oil field.  Incredible operational efficiencies can result once all systems can talk to each other.”  For more information about WiACS, please click here or contact us today at  https://www.wins.no/#contact