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WINS has worked collaboratively with Saudi Aramco since 2015 to change the way intelligent well systems are installed and operated.  The award winning Through-tubing Retrievable Intelligent Completion System, or TRICSTM can be installed at any location in any well at any time.  All operations are conducted inside the tubing without a rig; zonal isolation packers are expanded and seal in the reservoir, then Smart Modules straddle the packers to create compartments.  Each contains wireless telemetry, downhole power generation, flow sensing, and flow control to first measure and report your production situation, then adjust for more of what is working and less of what is not.  Each Smart Module can be retrieved and more zonal isolation packers run above or below existing ones.  Smart Modules can then be reconfigured into new compartment arrangements as required for the producing life of the well.  TRICS can be installed using OPEX, years after the original completion when water or gas shut-off is actually needed.  TRICS can balance production between different reservoirs or compensate for Productivity Index variations in the same reservoir.

Many key TRICS technologies have been successfully tested in the field.  Full scale integration with the remaining systems is underway for testing and verification.

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