Project Description

WITA – Wireless Temporary Abandonment

Have you ever had the need to monitor pressure and temperature below a barrier in an abandoned well? WITA is perfect for that application.

WITA is a wireless downhole gauge, designed specifically to give live downhole data from below a barrier in your temporarily or permanently abandoned well. WITA is run on conventional methods (slick line, wireline, tubing), WITA has its own anchoring system with a wide range for different casing or open hole sizes. WITA operates autonomously by measuring high accuracy pressure and temperature at configurable intervals and transmits this data wirelessly to surface or subsea, seamlessly, for several years.

WiACS (Wireless Autonomous Communication Station) receives the downhole data and relays this to a secure server or the operators SCADA system. WiACS is powered from the sun and connects with the world via GSM or Iridium sat link, depending on the location. WITA is also very well suited for offshore applications and then the SCS (Subsea Communication Station) will be used to receive the downhole data and relay it to a nearby buoy or vessel.

WITA is a completely wireless system, with live digital data from the abandoned well directly to your dashboard.

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