Project Description

WiNODE – Adaptable Multizone Completion System

Most completion systems require a rig in order to reconfigure or repair. Imagine a simple completion with zonal isolation but containing receptacles where each zone can be reconfigured with thru-tubing intervention. WiNODE is a system of insert tools that can configure zonal pockets in the following manner:
1. Open SPM (comingled) – a ported insert tool allows the zone to flow into the tubing and protects the SPM profile
2. Closed SPM (shut-off) – a solid insert tool straddles the SPM profile shutting off the zone, best suited for water and gas break-thru situations.
3. Choked SPM (ICD option) – a choke insert tool acts as an Inflow Control Device (ICD) to balance production and proactively prevent gas and water break-thru. Can utilize standard, adaptive, or flow regulating choke types.
4. Smart SPM (ICV option) – a Smart insert tool acts as an Interval Control Valve (ICV) to provide “on demand” flow adjustments with wireless feedback to the surface. Also measures pressure, temperature, and flow rate in real-time.

WiNODE is the “Dream Well” of multizone completions, providing future-proof options to change, repair, and update critical downhole flow and measurement systems without a rig, using thru-tubing intervention.

WiNODE is simpler than TRICS or traditional Intelligent Completions but is much more flexible. A WiNODE well can begin as a relatively simple multizone completion, predesigned for a multitude of future options to maintain optimum performance under uncertain circumstances for the life of the well.

WiNODE ICVs contain the same wireless telemetry and downhole power generation capabilities in wimo and TRICS systems.

Utilizes WiACS surface unit for wireless surface telemetry to your database or smart devices.

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