Project Description


Intelligent completions is the dream for many operators. However, high upfront investment, unpredictable life expectancy and fast-moving new developments in sensing technology makes several operators reluctant in making the commitment to invest in smart completions.

WiNODE is our answer to this challenge. WiNODE is a retrievable, autonomous and wireless intelligent completion tool, designed specifically to give the operator smart well capability, while still being able to replace and upgrade the technology in the future. WiNODE can be run and installed with conventional kickover tools inside special made producing SPM (Side Pocket Mandrel). The SPM’s can be plugged with a dummy node to zonal isolate a compartment. Each WiNODE harvests power from the production fluid and has internal batteries, 2-way wireless communication, an inflow control valve, integrated flow meter with water cut sensor and of course, high accuracy pressure and temperature sensors.

WiNODE transmits digital production data packages wireless and seamlessly to the WCU (Wellhead Communication Unit). The WCU has a secure connection to a remote server or the operators SCADA system. WCU is powered from the sun and connects with the world via GSM or Iridium sat link, depending on the location.

WiNODE is a completely wireless system, with live digital data and control between the well and to your dashboard.