Project Description

WiGL – Wireless Gas Lift

Anyone experienced with gas lift knows the hassle and challenges with numerous intervention runs to make the correct orifice settings on the valve. Have you ever dreamt of having the ability to adjust the gas lift by a simple push of a button? WiGL offers just that, intervention-less adjustments of the orifice opening, or even shut the valve completely. The beauty of WiGL is that it is a retrofit tool and fits perfectly in your conventional side pocket mandrels.

WiGL is run and installed with conventional kickover tools in standard SPMs. WiGL runs on turbine generated electricity from the gas flow and operates an electric valve based on instructions from the artificial lift supervisor. WiGL has two-way wireless communication, enabling live downhole data such as pressure and temperature from both tubing and annulus, and transmits this data wirelessly to surface.

WiACS (Wireless Autonomous Communication Station) receives the downhole data and relays this to a secure server or the operators SCADA system. WiACS is powered from the sun and connects with the world via GSM or Iridium sat link, depending on the location.

WiGL is a completely wireless gas lift control and monitoring system, with live digital data connected directly to your dashboard.

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