Project Description

WiCCS – Wireless Cablehead and Circulation System

Standard CT? Wired CT? What about “Wireless CT?” WINS applies our patented wireless telemetry and downhole power generation technologies to create a new class of smart coiled tubing capability. WiCCS can measure pressure, temperature, CT forces, and 3D position and telemeter it wirelessly to the surface in real-time. WiCCS also has a three-way variable mechanical valve to direct flow to DH tools like mud motors and tractors, or provide full circulation for treating and acidizing. WiCCS can be connected to third party tools for CCL/Gamma, PLTs, smart shifting tools, smart lateral entry tools (ALADIN), etc

WiCCS is the “New Generation” coiled tubing capability for smarter operations. Measure, treat or adjust, then retest. Value of the operation is instantly assessed. More sophisticated BHAs mean more downhole time, less tripping time, better results, more production.

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