Project Description


Whenever planning a new well, production strategy and completion schemes needs to be selected on an early stage in the well’s life. Very often these predictions turn out wrong and the well changes over time.

Recompleting the well would require large workover operations and is often hard to justify.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a completion system which can be riglessly deployed and scaled whenever needed?

TRICS offers exactly this, and is specifically developed to be deployed in stages, in exactly the configurations needed and even be updated and changed over time as the well matures.

TRICS is an award winning, thru-tubing installed and retrievable, intelligent completion system. TRICS can be retrofit installed in open hole bore’s, to zonal isolate water producing zones, compartmentalize production zones, and wirelessly monitor and control the individual compartments. Each compartment can be installed with an autonomous and retrievable SMART module. The SMART module has power harvesting from the production fluid, 2-way wireless communication to surface, inflow control valve, flow meter with water cut and of course, high accuracy pressure and temperature sensors.

The SMART module transmits the measured production data packages wirelessly to the WCS (Wellhead Communication Station). The WCS has a secure connection to a remote server or the operators’ SCADA system.

WCS is powered from the sun and connects with the world via GSM/LTE, Encrypted VHF/UHF or Iridium Satelite link, depending on the location.

TRICS is a completely wireless system, with live digital data between the well and your dashboard!