Project Description


WINS promote its knowledge and technologies to major oil and gas operators worldwide, resulting in several successful projects.

WINS has extensive experience in materializing requirements and client needs into commercial and viable solutions, resulting in win-win situations. One of our collaborative projects has gained international attention as the project was awarded with “Break through research of the year” ADIPEC award of 2019.

WINS has a large R&D Division with heavily specialized and experienced engineers and scientists, all in-house. Our skilled resources and efficient work-flow enables us to rapidly commercialize any challenge into a winning solution.

WINS has a “Can do” attitude and are not easily scared when an ambitious challenge is presented to us.


  • Complex Mechanical design, engineering and visualization
  • FEM and CFD simulations
  • Material science and testing
  • Downhole Robotics design, engineering and programming
  • Electronic circuits design (high temperature and rugged)
  • PCB layout and small scale manufacturing (prototype)
  • CNC machining
  • Testing facilities
  • Fully equipped workshop
  • Acoustic/Ultrasonic sensor technology
  • Software development (full stack)
  • Rapid prototype 3D-printing