Wireless Downhole Products – It’s not wireless telemetry holding us back, it’s the POWER SUPPLY!  Batteries simply cannot cut it.  An update to our December 14, 2022 notice where WINS compare wireless gauge published lifetimes to turbine-generators.  Two wireless gauge manufacturers now have published their lifetimes using non-rechargeable lithium batteries. Except for one data point, looks like the same battery technology in both, almost a perfect exponential match. Remember these battery lifetimes are based on minimal data transmission (1-3 sets/day) and mostly self-discharge performance as a function of temperature. Double the battery size and get just about the same lifetime. If the well is flowing, turbine generator data is communicated in real-time, all the time – up to 300 sets/day, every day. This is how we break the wire. See more at http://www.wins.no