Brett Bouldin of Wireless Instrumentation Systems (WINS) will present a paper titled, “A Review of Downhole Wireless Technologies and Improvements.”  Brett said, “Everyone asks why can’t I put WiFi in my well?  I’ll answer that question and many more by presenting an unbiased look at all industry downhole wireless technologies and capabilities.  I will give details of all systems available in the market including their product trade names.”  Downhole wireless technology has become a hot topic as many operators wish to, “break the wire,” and receive real-time data in their wells.  This is a major step forward for downhole digitalization.  Brett adds, “We are getting closer, but there are still technology gaps to fill before the dream can be fully realized.”  Join Brett at the session presentation for a simplified and objective update for the state-of-the-art in downhole wireless capabilities.  Portions of the paper were authored by WINS and ADNOC.

WINS is exhibiting at ADIPEC in Booth 9130 with the Norwegian Pavilion of companies.  Come by our booth and see the Wimo Wireless Monitoring Downhole Gauge.  WINS are working on several other applications  containing wireless telemetry and downhole power generation.  Please also visit our website at

Session Number:  Session 17, WELL COMPLETIONS

Session Title:  Well Intervention Considerations and Methodologies

Paper Title:  A Review of Downhole Wireless Technologies and Improvements

Presenter:  Brett Bouldin

Date:  Monday, November 15, 2021

Time:  14:00 pm – 15:30 pm

Room:  Capital Suite 4

Looking forward to see you in Abu Dhabi!