The Thru-Tubing Retrievable Intelligent Completion System, TRICS™ was the WINNER of the “BREAKTHROUGH RESEARCH OF THE YEARaward at ADIPEC 2019

ADIPEC Award 2019

Thru-tubing Retrievable Intelligent Completion System TRICS™ is a rig-less deployed, on demand, modular, real-time, monitoring and control solution targeted for open-hole horizontal wells. Unlike commercially available solutions, TRICS™ shall be a “free-form” platform that can be deployed ‘only’ when needed. TRICS™ consists game changing technologies that will revolutionize the production engineering, reservoir management, and beyond.

Managing uncertainties in reservoirs, particularly in carbonate rocks, is a major challenge. Intelligent-completions gives operators the ability to monitor and control specific zones within wells. Without this control, operators may lose a well when water or gas break in unpredictably. Existing intelligent completions are limited to newly drilled wells or cased holes. Majority of Aramco wells are completed at open-holes with no casing, tubing or umbilical for power and communication. The challenge is to economically convert these open-hole horizontal wells into smart wells to maximized recovery and enhanced production when needed.

TRICS™ is a novel rig-less, wire-line or coiled-tubing deployed system that can selectively compartmentalize the well, as desired, for the monitoring and control of the production zones. Laterals can be fully, partially, or selectively completed. The completion is flexible and can be re-adjusted in future as needed.

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The ADIPEC Awards attracted over 600 submissions from more than 50 countries for the 2019 edition, demonstrating the depth of professional talent and range of opportunities available in today’s oil and gas industry.

The ADIPEC Awards six award categories recognize technological innovation, ground-breaking research on alternative methods of harnessing fuels, and organizations successfully evolving through the digital transformation. For some categories, the number of entries in 2019 have more than doubled, attracting submissions from every continent, underlining the programs global standing among industry professionals, and the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition and Conference’s (ADIPEC’s) continued efforts to promote excellence.

The ADIPEC Awards Jury is comprised of 29 leading energy experts and analysts from across the industry, the judging panel includes representatives from National Oil Companies (NOCs) and International Oil Companies (IOCs), as well as market intelligence firms and oilfield service providers.

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