Brett Bouldin and Atle Hjertenaes at the WINS booth at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE. WINS exhibited their wireless telemetry and downhole power generation products in a multi-vendor stand with agent, Euro Mechanical. Products featureed at ADIPEC were:

  1. Wimo – Wireless Monitoring Downhole Gauge
  2. TRICS – Thru-tubing Retrievable Intelligent Completion System
  3. wCT – Wireless Coiled Tubing tools called WiCCS for Wireless Cablehead and Circulation System, and ALADIN for Advanced Lateral Detection and Imaging System.

Great crowds gathered for the four-day conference and exhibition.  Over 150,000 attendees from 160 countries, with 2200 exhibitors, and 1,013 papers and posters presented.